Club Clio Summer Purchase

After a meeting I had downtown, I decided to stop by one of my new favorite stores: Club Clio. Club Clio is a makeup and skincare cosmetics store that originated in Korea that sells products from several different Asian cosmetics lines, as well as products from their own line Clio Professional. I have been recently exploring different international skincare and makeup product lines because I just learned that there are a lot more ingredients banned in Europe than in America. The EU has a list of 1378 chemicals that are banned specifically for use in cosmetics. BuzzFeed posted a very informative article on just 12 ingredients banned by the EU that are hiding in your US beauty products. I couldn’t find an exact list of ingredients banned in Asia, mostly just because I only know English. However, I did find an article that listed 5 parabens, which is used in the US as a preservative, that have been banned by the ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Cosmetics Committee. I also have found that it is much easier to find high end organic and completely chemical free skincare products from Korea.


At Club Clio, I purchased Goodal’s moisture barrier cream fresh moisturizer, 8 Goodal sheet masks. I also received a cute terry cloth headband with a bow on it and a Peripera lip stain, both free with purchase of over $50.

The moisture barrier cream fresh moisturizer from Goodal is a great lightweight summer moisturizer. No, it doesn’t have any SPF so make sure you apply some after you moisturize if you’re going out in the sun! But I don’t always want a heavy moisturizer in the summer, and SPF can make a cream very dense. I just wanted a light moisturizer that wouldn’t make my face look shiny, and this one is perfect for that.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with sheet masks lately. I’m not quite sure why because they are an expensive one time use product. I think its because they’re super easy (you just remove the mask from the package and place it on your face) and you can leave them on for as long as you want (when you are done with the mask, you just remove and discard).