Today, I was killing some time in an upscale, well stocked, Duane Reade on the Lower East Side before an appointment. I went in to purchase a good lip balm, because my lips were chapped this morning. I decided to purchase an Avene lip balm. I also purchased a dual pack of Avene thermal spring water spray that came with a free sample of sunscreen.

The Avene cold cream lip balm is a creamy, thick balm that really moisturizes your lips. I used it once in the morning after I bought it, and once again at 6:30PM, and my lips felt great all day. I didn’t feel the need to reapply over and over again.

The Avene thermal spring water spray is like the Evian spray that I’ve seen in drug stores before. However, the Avene spray is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. I like this spray because it is safe on sensitive skin, reduces redness and irritation, but also softens the skin. It’s a great product for those really hot days. I can imagine that it would be useful to spray it on my face and wipe off any sweat, dirt, or oil that built up on my face during a hot summer day.