Best Scrubs to Scrub Out 2020

I think everyone is excited to see the year 2020 gone for good! Here is my list of my favorite scrubs so you can scrub and wash away 2020.

The grown alchemist face scrub that is on the corse side, but feels more gentle than the Jack Black and the Clara sea Scrubs. It has a nice smell, and it’s one of my empty items this month.



The grounded coffee Scrubs is another scrub that is on the corse side and I love this one because its 100% completely all natural. I have two “flavors” for different Skin concerns. One has tea tree oil in it for clearing blemishes and the other has vitamin C for fading dark spots.

The Jack Black scrub with peppermint oil is one that my x-boyfriend used to use a lot (along with Neutrogena’s Hyloronic acid face moisturizer) He loved this scrub because its corse and has the refreshing feel of peppermint oil. the old version used menthol, which he liked better than the peppermint oil, but he still liked using the newer version.