Bathroom Redecoration

IMG_5495-Diptic copy

Since I have a lot of my plate right now and have so much to do this weekend, my brain wants to do everything but work on what I’m supposed to be doing. My vice when I’m stressed out and don’t want to do my work is organizing. I ended up doing a complete overhaul of my bathroom accessories. I removed the ugly containers that were being used beforehand and cutback on the amount of cosmetics I have to keep in my bathroom. I have created a small vanity area in my bedroom by my dresser, and I have moved most of my cosmetics there. I now have a classy and sophisticated welcome to any guests that have to use my bathroom. By collecting some items that I already had around the house and repurposing them for a bathroom, I created a much cuter bathroom.

I had an empty decorative alcohol decanter that I have never used for alcohol, and put some lavender bath salts in it. I used the left over bath salts in a pink vase. I used a large circular glass bowl for some sample face cleansers. Then, I took all my perfume samples and put them in a blue vase. I used an empty Sabon aroma reed diffuser box as a container for nail clippers and tweezers. I had some silver decorative boxes and a silver tray, so I put some alcohol swabs in one box and some eye drops in the other box, and placed the boxes on the tray with other silver containers to make a sophisticated vanity tray. I also used an ashtray as a decorative holder for my room sprays. I finally strategically placed a couple of candles and additional vases filled with blue and clear marble vase filler.