Paris Trip – Day 1 cont.

The most awe inspiring parts about Paris are the simple things. My dad was telling me that all the buildings in the center part of Paris are historically protected buildings. People are not allowed to change the outside appearance of any of the buildings in the center of Paris. Because of this, it really makes you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time. The architecture is truly awe inspiring in a very historical way. Also, because the buildings aren’t tall you really get a connection to the outdoors. You still can’t see stars, but you can always see the sky, and at night the moon is truly magnificent.

Also, I found that the basics of French food were the most delicious. Of course you would expect things like baguettes and croissants to stand out, and of course they were delicious, but I found that all the breads were amazing. You can’t have some bread without some butter, and oh was the butter good! My mother was telling me that the water has a higher fat content then in America, and that’s why it’s so delicious.

I must not forget the wine! The wine really blew me away. You can buy a very inexpensive bottle wine, around €8 to €15, and almost guarantee it will be delicious. Obviously when you go to a restaurant they rack up the price quite a bit, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get great wine is my point.