Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box 2nd Box

This is actually my second box I’ve gotten from Fab Fit Fun, but the first one was so disappointing not only did I not post anything about it, but I also canceled my subscription after just one box. However, their customer service team contacted me to tell me that the second box had already been shipped but I could get a refund if I wanted. I told them that I was willing to wait and see what is in the second box, and if it contained good stuff, I would consider re-subscribing. I have to admit that the second box was MUCH better than the first, but I still don’t know if I’m impressed enough to re-subscribe. My first box had a small Skintimate shave gel sample, yoga socks, fancy sunscreen, a strange gel face peel, and popped chips. I think there may have been one or two more small things, but they were obviously not memorable. This second box not only had better samples, but better sized samples. However, they sent a candle, and even though it was one of my favorite items in the box, it broke and there was glass everywhere in the box!!

So here’s what I got in my second Fab Fit Fun box:

  • A silver Half United necklace that gives 7 meals to hungry children
  • A Daniel Stone red currant candle
  • Juice Beauty green apple peel in sensitive
  • Tibetan Goji Berry advanced anti-aging eye serum with retinol
  • Two Swedish Beauty eye shadows in Swedish winter and brown hypnotic
  • AHA hand crème with evening primrose
  • Fashion Project gift card for $30 of lightly pre-used clothing
  • Salted TV free membership for 3 months
  • Zumba workout DVD and gift card for $25
  • Justin’s Classic almond butter
  • Organic Valley organic balance milk protein shake
  • Special K snack bar in salted pretzel chocolate

Now that I’ve listed it and looked at the grand total of what it would cost to buy full sizes of all these products at retail price ($383.59!), it does seem to be a lot for $50. The Daniel Stone candle smells so good! I broke all the glass and eventually got wax candle out from the broken class holder. I cut the old wick and lit the candle while it was on a tea plate. It smells wonderful! Juice Beauty is a brand that I have used before and I absolutely love the products that I have tried so far. I’m really excited to try this green apple peel! The Tibetan Goji Berry eye serum is a nice sized eye serum sample, and so far I like the tightening feel I get from just one application. It’s too early to tell if it actually reduces wrinkles or brightens like it claims it will, but the sixth ingredient in this serum is retinol. The Swedish Beauty eye shadows are fairly large for just being samples, and I love the colors. The AHA hand cream is a whopping 4 oz sample! It’s an extremely rich hand crème that smells a little chemically, but still has a nice rose perfume smell to make it feel luxurious.

Fab Fit Fun does a great job at giving out samples that you won’t use. Fashion Project is a website that sells lightly used designer clothing and accessories and gives a portion of their profits to charity. It may be a great concept, I just don’t know how many people would buy used clothing especially if you can’t smell them first … ew. A free 3-month membership to Salted TV, which according to Fab Fit Fun is “like Netflix for cooking!” I will be giving this to my mother. However, I will probably be using the Zumba Beto’s maximum calorie burn DVD and $25 gift card. I just don’t know how long I’ll actually be working out during the DVD. But we’ll see, I do need to loose all that holiday weight, yuck.

Fab Fit Fun also sends some random food items, and I mean random! Justin’s Classic almond butter is actually something I’ve gotten in a Birchbox before, so maybe they’re so far off from what people want. However, I didn’t really like it, but I’m an extremely picky eater. They also sent an ORGANIC milk protein shake without refrigeration. I know its winter, but my parents kept the box inside the house for a couple of days before I was able to pick it up and open it. I’m scared to open it, let alone drink it now. Finally, they sent a Special K snack bar in salted pretzel chocolate, and that was the best tasting product in the box.

So that’s what I got in my second Fab Fit Fun subscription box. I’m not completely happy and I still don’t know if it’s worth $50 if you don’t end up using all the products.