Tutorial: Foundation

1) Prep and Prime

I will assume that you have taken a shower, but if you haven’t, please at least wash your face before applying makeup. Making sure that you have a clean and oil free surface to work with makes it easier for the makeup to apply to the skin. Afterwards, if you don’t automatically, apply a moisturizer to your face.

Choosing a primer can be difficult because I find some to have too much silicone in them, and it tends to be harder to create an even surface. For example, the Smashbox brand or Sephora brand specifically I find harder to work with. My favorite primer is Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer.

2) Eyeliner & Eye shadow.

I like to do my eyeliner and eye shadow before anything else because I know that if I mess up, I won’t have to redo my entire face. If you forget, there are two great products I like to use to protect my face from falling eye shadow. My favorite tool to use is a brush from Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.) Cosmetics called the Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield. Another product I like to use is Shadow Shields from Beauty.com.

3) BB or CC Cream (Optional)

I will sometimes just use a BB Cream and powder foundation for a lighter look during my workday. However, if you want a full face, continue on to the full tutorial.

Some of my favorite BB Cream right now is the Clinique BB Cream just because it happens to be the perfect shade for my skin. However, I’m looking forward to trying Philosophy’s new Hope in a Jar A to Z Cream.

4) Liquid or Cream Foundation

I personally have preferred the convenience of using a cream foundation and a compact sponge. However, using a liquid foundation and a brush or professional sponge has always been the way of professionals, before airbrushing of course. My two favorite foundations right now are NARS’s Radiant Cream Compact and Clinique’s Even Better Compact Makeup.

5) Contouring, Blush and Highlighting

This is when I use a bronzer and blush pallet from NARS to create definition in my face by contouring. I also use Benefit’s Watt’s Up to highlight certain areas. These will be explained in full detail in a later post.

6) Powder Foundation

I realize I’m no expert, but powder foundations seem all the same to me. I realize I haven’t tried them all, but most of the time its just about getting the color just right.

7) Finishing Spray and/or Powder (Optional)

Using a finishing spray and then a powder is my favorite way to finish off my look. I use Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. This product helps save your look throughout the night. I also like to use Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.)’s Makeup Lock & Seal. These two products together have made my makeup last throughout the night, many times.