Tutorial: How to look like you have bigger eyes

I honestly have pretty huge eyes to begin with, but I like to enhance them whenever I do my makeup.

1) Apply Eyeliner

I like to do my eyeliner and eye shadow before anything else because I know that if I mess up, I don’t have to redo my entire face.

In order to make your eyes look bigger, you want to do your eyeliner half way around your eye. What this means is that you start at your pupil and then go to the outside edge of your eye. The demonstration picture is below. This creates an effect that your eye is bigger than it actually is.

2) Apply Eye Shadow

To make your eyes look larger, you definitely don’t want to over do the eye shadow. If you darken your eye too much your eyes will actually look smaller compared to your shadow. You want to put a gentle dark color just above your eyeliner (from the pupil on just like in the picture).

3) Apply a great mascara or fake lashes

The best way to make your eyes look bigger is to create longer thicker lashes. I suck at fake lashes and I always get glue in my eyes. Therefore, I like using Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara.

4) Apply under eye concealer

The final step is good under eye concealer for those horrible dark circles (I have the worst!). In my previous posts you will see my two favorite products that I like to mix to create the perfect coverage. My base layer is Clinique line smoothing concealer. My final touch to my eye makeup is Benefit Biiong concealer.