Crafty things you can do inside

Make Jewelry

Like most girls, I loved making friendship bracelets at summer camp. Now I use upscale beads like moonstone, rose quartz, and cubic zirconia to make jewelry. I always buy my beads from .

Adobe Creative Cloud is free for 1 month! 

Use this as an opportunity to learn a new program or get back into photography. 


Have you been collecting concert tickets or wrist bands? Saving precious memories? Polaroids have made a comeback, I bet you have some laying around. Why not put them all in an album? Buy some washi tape and go crazy! 

Brew your own kombucha or beer

There are many companies that sell kombucha or beer making kits for inside your house. Its like having a living science experiment in your home, until you drink it haha. Here are some beer making kits from the Brooklyn Brew Shop: .

Dye Your Hair! (Not permanently)

Why not go a little crazy? I know I did! You won’t be going to work for a little while, why not mix it up a little by changing up your look. There are several color depositing conditioner on the market now, overtone being the most well known. These conditioning hair masks deposit color pigments onto your hair and the color will come out after a few washes. This also means that to achieve the best results, your hair should be on the lighter side. I’m blonde and I sometimes highlight my hair and I really like using these products. KeraColor on Amazon &