How I care for my hair

I probably only cut my hair about twice a year, if that. You would also probably be shocked to hear that I actually cut my own hair sometimes (O.o). I take off around 2-4 inches or more each time I get my hair cut.

Did you know that cutting your hair does *not* make your hair grow faster?

You should however give yourself a little trim if you have a lot of split ends. You can try using a split end mender conditioning product, like some of the items I’ve listed below, but those products can only get you so far and you might need to go for the chop.

Nexxus Pro Mend Overnight Treatment
Pantene Expert Split End Fuser

I shampoo my hair “the french way” I’ve been told. I take an empty hair coloring bottle and put a small amount of shampoo inside. I then fill it to the top with water and shake it up. I then use the pointy tip to get as close as I can to the roots of my hair as a gently “rinse” my hair with the soapy liquid.

Its good to give your scalp a nice massage, even better to use one of these massagers once a month.