Pink Hair

Several months ago I finally landed and steady full-time 9/5 job. If ur wondering why i haven’t really been posting, thats why. I then went to a tiny music festival in steventown in upstate new york. I then got some inspiration from mutual friends at the festival to color my hair pink!

The reason I’m deciding to do this now, even though many people would consider me “too old” for this type of look, is because I finally have a good steady job. I’m a web developer that works in a tech office where the CEO and other higher-ups don’t physically see me. Also tech jobs generally have a much more laidback dress code than most other workplace environments.

I have been using color depositing hair masks and conditioners. This type of hair color treatment means that the color slowly washes out with each shampoo. If you apply the product correctly, it wont come out in one day even if you shampoo a bunch of times. Plus, you wouldn’t want to do this anyway because it would dry out your hair a lot!

The product I used was from Amazon and it actually does a great job! It actually stained my sink when I forgot to wash it off.