Kolor Bar

For most of my life I’ve had my hair colored by only one man, a good family friend name Brian. He is a hairdresser, belt and bag designer, and is going to start a skincare line. However, he has always been really expensive, and it costs me around $500 all in for cut and color for one appointment with him. I’ve never wanted to go the “cheep” route with my hair because I have fine hair that can damage quickly. I also prefer to get my hair highlighted using the balayage treatment, which is more expensive and time consuming but I like it because it looks more natural.

I purchased a Living Social deal for Kolor Bar on 86th street after I messed up my color at another salon. I bet everyone at most Kolor Bars in Manhattan do a great job, but I loved the recent highlights that Casey gave me. I’ve gone back to her twice and I love my hair every time she touches it. Casey also gives great haircuts.