The Glam Archive Event

I was invited to a special app launch even for the app The Glam Archive. It was a really awesome event filled with independent makeup artist and beauty entrepreneurs. There they served Vodkila cocktails, a new mixed alcohol that has 70% Vodka and 30% Tequila. There were also several independent vendors advertising their products. My favorite brand was Gem Cosmetics, a cosmetics line formulated by Shakema Cyrus. The lipsticks were pigmented and smelled awesome. The lipstick I purchased from her I put on at the event and it lasted the entire night. The Gem eye shadows were very pigmented as well and all looked so bold and awesome that I purchased one in addition to the lipstick.

The hair care brand Haircredible also had featured products for purchase. Haircredible was formulated for thinning hair and is used to thicken hair strands while adding volume with out weighing the hair down. Also, the cosmetics brand Wunderblender featured their cover-up concealer at this event. This concealer does a great job at covering up major skin issues. I tired it on my tattoo and it worked quite well.