Video: Club Clio & MAC

On Friday, one of my best friends told me about this store called Club Clio that is a Korean makeup and cosmetics company that was recommended to her by a friend from college. She was told specifically about an eyebrow marker that acts like a temporary tattoo that can last up to a week! The sales women at the store says that you apply it at night and then comb your brows with the wand in the morning, and you’ll have perfect brows all day.

My eyebrows are naturally full, so I don’t feel the need to fill them in every day. Therefore, I did not purchase that particular product. However, this store is filled with amazing products, and trust me, I did end up spending more than I thought I would.

Before I get into too much detail about Club Clio, I do have to mention that on our way to that store, we saw a MAC and decided to pop in. Of course, the universe loves to pull me into cosmetics stores, and it turns out that my cousin just happened to be in that same store!

She was shopping around for a deep purple lipstick, and was trying on some different bold choices, because its summer of course! I specifically wanted a one of the new scented Prep + Prime sprays that everyone on YouTube has been talking about, either in coconut water or lavender. However, they were all sold out. So, I ended up getting a mini travel sized unscented spray that is the same exact formula, just without the fragrance. When I first walked into MAC, I was pulled towards their new extra dimension eye shadows. They are so multidimensional and complex, but yet very wearable colors. I fell in love with the color “Sweet Heat” that is a shimmery neutral color with a pink undertone. My friend got an awesome purple color along with a bright shimmery eyeliner.

Although I could have spent an eternity in MAC, chit chatting with my cousin, the store we were heading for was closing in a couple of hours. My friend and I left MAC with our purchases and headed towards Club Clio (The cosmetics store I mentioned before, not club Cielo in the meatpacking district).

The very nice and enthusiastic sales women, named Ariel I think, gave my friend and I a tour of the store. The whole time she was holding a small shopping basket for us to put all our products that we were selecting in. She let us sample some of their best selling products and showed us her personal favorites. She applied a couple of exfoliators and moisturizers on us, and I really liked the Goodal whild phyto power phytowash yerba mate buble peel. She said that is a best seller and is really popular, and I can totally understand why. It’s an exfoliating face wash that foams up as you put it on. Then you let it sit on your face while the product foams up completely and dries a little bit. Then you massage the skin to exfoliate. It is extremely gentle, but leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Which

Not only are eyeliners from this store made with an amazing waterproof formula, but they also come in so many different styles and colors. They even have an extremely fine tipped liner (0.1 mm) that the sales women said that a lot of men ask for! She says men like the fine tipped brush to emphasis their eyes without making it look like they’re wearing eyeliner.

I purchased a kill black waterproof pen liner in black. The pen liner looked like it was a little easier to use than the brush liner.

The Club Clio store also has Peripera lip balms that change color when you apply them to your lips. My friend got this green color that turned purple when she put it on her lips. I decided to go with an orange color that turned a light pinkish red when I applied it. These items were part of a 4th of July promotion, where it was buy one get one free.

I also purchased a Peripera oil capture powder compact. When I walked into the store from the hot and muggy streets of downtown Manhattan, I was a little bit sticky and sweaty, and it was showing on my face. I just took a little bit with my finger from the sample powder on the counter, and applied it to my forehead, nose, and chin. It instantly dulled the shine on my face.

As part of the 4th of July promotion, I was able to get a pack of 60 face cleansing wipes for 50% off. The Clio waterproof cleansing tissues are an easy way to remove their waterproof liner, which by the way is advertised to stay on for 6 hours. These wipes have a really refreshing, clean scent to them, and they feel really nice on your skin.