Mandee Purchase

Today I went to the 59th street Bloomingdales to pick out my luggage for a possible snowboarding trip or a trip to Miami with my girlfriends, or possibly both!! They didn’t have the luggage that I wanted so I ended up not buying anything. To feed my buying urges, I went to the H&M across the street. They had really nice stuff, so I picked out some stuff to buy. I never try things on at a lot of stores if I know my size, so I went straight to check out. There were like 50 people on line, and only 3 registers in working order. I waited around 15 minutes before only getting half way down the line and leaving. I hate it when stores don’t have enough people at checkout. Take my money goddam it!! But no, it seems as though H&M does NOT in fact want my money, or really anyone’s money at that matter because my complaining about the line didn’t faze the employees. No, they did not call another person to the registers. Yes, they were rude. They just sort of rolled their eyes and acted like “Oh, this is H&M, what do you expect?”

I walked out of the store without the $100 worth of clothes that I was going to buy.

Anyway, I got out of the subway with an awful feeling of emptiness, so I decided to spend that $100 at Mandee that’s near my apartment at 96th Street (*sigh*). Here’s what I got at Mandee’s for $116.46!

Athletic Leggings – $18
Athletic Knit Bottom – $10
Solid Fashion Knit Top – $15.99
Knit Dress – $19.99
Printed Fashion Knit Top – $17.50
Solid Fasion Tank – $14.99
Woven Skirt – $19.99