Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy Holidays!!! Even though I am Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah with my family already, my boyfriend celebrates Christmas so we went to his house yesterday to be with his family. I tried doing my best in gift giving, but they all went overboard and gave me such great gifts this year! My boyfriend got me an Adia Kibur choker, Mark by Mark Jacobs earrings, and a Shashi cuff bracelet. He knows me so well!! I was so excited to get a box from Shopbop, I almost didn’t care what was inside, but I’m crazy happy with the presents he picked out. His Mom is like the nicest woman in the entire world. He says that she always over does it, but I’m still upset I didn’t match what she spent on me. I got her a Body Shop gift tin that was only $25 (Now on sale for $10, FML). She got me a Swarovski bracelet with crystals, a Swarovski crystal kitty figurine that came with a really cute metal yarn ball, L’Occitane gift box with a $25 gift card, and a cute cosmetic pouch that says “You Rock!” on it. My boyfriend’s sister got me this beautiful bracelet that is just the right amount of edgy, just like her. I love all of my presents that I got, and now I now I definitely need to step it up for next year!