Jazz Age Lawn Party

On Saturday, I went to the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island! Its a unique gathering of people where they have an orchestra playing great 1920s jazz and everyone is dressed like its the 20s. You picnic on the lawn, you can bring your own food but there are food vendors there, and enjoy the great atmosphere. Yes you can buy drinks, but you can’t bring any alcohol in. Although, I’ve heard of many people “bootlegging” (not us I swear! *wink*).

I bought my dress from BlueFly, and wore multiple layers of pearls and wore my mom’s antique jewelery. I tried really hard to do a finger wave in my hair and then pin it up somehow, but the finger wave ended up looking like 80s crimping and my hair was falling out everywhere so I just decided to leave it down. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t do my hair, because most women there were dressed on point! I honestly should have just put a scarf or something around my head.

If you plan on going next year my suggestions to you are:

  1. Bring a good blanket. Maybe even a chair. Your picnicking and its basically camping.
  2. Bring lots of food and water. The food is sorta expensive there and yes it gets hot so bring lots of water with you. Especially if you plan on drinking.
  3. Do not wear heals! Its a very grassy and sandy area, you will end up ruining them or falling.
  4. If you wear a skirt or dress, think about how you are going to sit. Sitting cross-legged in a dress is sorta flashing people, and when I was sitting on my feet they kept falling asleep on me and it was pretty uncomfortable after a while. I’m not too sure how to solve this problem yet, so I can’t offer any advice…sorry. I just ended up using my sweater to cover my lady parts, but that’s not very classy.