The No Makeup Look

I know many people are interested in how to create a natural, “No Makeup,” look. It takes a fine eye to make sure you’re not wearing enough makeup. In this post, I describe my way of creating a natural look.

I use a BB Cream and a light powder as a foundation base. I then choose three neutral eye shadow shades to use. Lightest on top, then middle in the crease and the darkest brown on your lid. I use a brush to lightly apply blush. Make sure you don’t use too much, otherwise you’ll loose the “natural” look. I then lightly contour under the blush and around my chin and forehead. I then use a light under eye concealer in order to diminish my dark circles. Finally, I finish my look with a lightly pink nude lip. Remember to take tissue paper and dab the extra lipstick off your lips.

It may not show in these pictures, but I actually am wearing a lot of makeup. Its all about making it look like your not wearing anything at all.