Escaping Corona

I’ve escaped NYC to head out to Long Island, where there are still lots of sick people, but this way I can be quarantined with my boyfriend and out of a hot spot in Brooklyn near lots of corona cases. My parents are staying put on the Upper West Side where the number of cases are smaller but there is already a person who tested positive in their building.

Because I have psoriasis and take an immune suppressant called Stelara, so I have to be extra careful and cannot get sick. I also have asthma and a history of bad upper respiratory infections. Corona for me would not be “just another flu,” getting sick is actually a matter of life and death for me.

It shocking to me that people are still not taking social distancing seriously. One of the reasons I left the city is because when I would go running in prospect park I saw lots of people out exercising, taking pictures, playing with their kids, or even just trying to pass the time while either working from home or not working at all. “Its no big deal”, “Its just the flu”, you say … or you’re thinking “I won’t actually get ‘sick’ sick”. This is type of thinking is what will kill me, my parents, and even maybe your parents. #stayinghomesaveslives

I’ve had to stop taking my skin medication Stelara to enhance my immune system. Before starting Stelara I had flaky, itchy plaques of psoriasis all over my body. I even had pustule psoriasis on the palms of my hands which was a negative side effect of another medication I used to take called Enbrel. Since starting Stelara over 5 years ago, I barely have skin breakouts anymore. However, now that I’ve had to stop taking my medication, my skin is seriously suffering.

I’ve purchased a narrow band UVB therapy light, and I have steroid topical creams I can use, but I can’t take my medication until this pandemic is over. If we all collectively do what we are supposed to flatten the curve, we can all go back to normal soon. Don’t think that you’re stuck at home, you’re actually safe at home. Stay healthy, and stay home!