BeautyCon NYC 2015

BeautyCon NYC was yesterday, and it was an overwhelming and exciting experience. I had never heard of BeautyCon before I saw the Living Social deal, but the price was right and it seemed like a fun event to go to. I got tickets through the Living Social deal in July, and it was a good thing I got them early too because it was a sold out event.

Although I had a great time, purchased some great products, and would probably go again next year; I have a few negative comments to make about the event. I really didn’t like the fact that the event was geared toward consumers, not artists or professionals. A lot of the speakers were young vloggers, and there’re only one or two people I would consider actual professionals. There were also a lot of young tweens and teenagers there with their mothers. Maybe that’s why the event sold out so fast? All these silly little tweens needed their moms to accompany them so each little girl actually needed two tickets. Also, many of the stands inside were featuring makeovers. It was more about getting your hair and makeup done as a makeover, instead of it being about learning to do hair and makeup. Also, at my prime age of 27, I honestly felt like the oldest person there that wasn’t accompanying a child. There were lots of occasions where I would hear screams from little girls as if they were at some boyband concert, which got really annoying after a while.

I also felt as if the event didn’t really think things through or plan things that well. Online the event advertises that there will be food and they list outside food and snacks as items that cannot be brought into the event. So when I saw that there were only two food vendor stations outside, and only popcorn and cupcakes being served inside, I was obviously quite confused on how they expected to feed all these people. Also because there were only one or two vendors, the lines for food were horrendous. The lines for almost everything at BeautyCon were long, horrible, and extremely slow moving, and that was another big negative for me. The Crown Brushes line took around 20 minutes to purchase items, and the QVC line (that I didn’t get on) for free samples was double the length. When I left, around 2PM, the place was completely packed. The crowd was huge and the area between stands didn’t give people that much room to browse at items or even move around comfortably. There was always someone reaching around you to pick something up or someone squeezing by you because you’re taking along time to evaluate a product. I understand that its New York, but the Pier had plenty of floor space. I just don’t think they used the space to the best of their ability.

Pictures from BeautyCon 2015:

Picture of all my purchases and free samples from BeautyCon: