East Hampton Weekend in June

I hate to sound like a ritzy, uptight wasp, but I just love the Hamptons. It does help that my mom has a beautiful place out in East Hampton, that’s perfectly placed between the beach and town. I’m sitting here, writing on her antique dining room table just listening to the birds chirp, and it’s just so serene and relaxing. Just ignore the horrid traffic and crazy crowded beaches, and just listen to the birds.

They bought the house in 1983 and it was just a small cottage that needed a complete gut job. Then in 2006 they decided to remodel and add an addition to the place. The most important part about the design of the addition was to make it blend in with the original cottage, and you can’t tell where the addition starts or begins.

The living room, dining room, two bedrooms and one bathroom are part of the old house and where somewhat untouched during the renovation. The living room has the original old beams across the ceiling, and it makes the house really charming. The dining room has these huge French doors that can open to the backyard.

The kitchen is a spectacular work of art. All the cabinetry made of a whitewashed tan wood, and the wood is even used to cover the appliances so they blend in. The countertop is a beautiful grey stone for the island, and butcher block for the wall side counters. There is a deep farm sink with a tall chrome faucet.

Even though I do love the beach, I hate it when it’s crowded. So if I want to get some sun out here, all I have to do is set up the lounge chairs in the backyard, slap on a bathing suit (and some sunscreen of course!) and lay out in the sun. The best part of being in this backyard is looking at my mom’s garden and admiring nature.

I love being away from it all, but stilling feeling completely at home. Every design aspect of this house makes it feel cozy and homey.