Holy crap, its cold!

Holy crap, its so cold. It’s too cold. I refuse to go outside. I am also getting sick, so I really shouldn’t anyway. The cold is so hard on skin its not even funny. No, I’m not laughing, my lips are peeling too much. That’s how cold it is. Here are some of my favorite lip products that are great for the winter!

  • Sugar’s Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment
  • Dr. Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm for Lips
  • Bite’s Agave Lip Mask
  • Air Repair’s Rescue Balm
  • Laura Mercier’s Lip Balm

Sugar’s lip treatment is a great go-to for lip balm. I love how thick and intensely moisturizing it is. Be careful lending this balm out though, people have smooched mine before because it’s not like Burtz Bees density, it’s much softer than that. It comes in lots of colors so it’s a great lip balm for every day use, with or without makeup.

Dr. Lipp’s nipple balm for lips is a product I got from a Birchbox sample and I’m in love. It’s a really intense balm that’s thick and dense. It’s a great lip balm for overly chapped, peeling or splitting lips.

Bite’s Agave lip mask is another really dense lip balm. It’s even hard to get out of its tube. You will need a tissue for your finger after you apply this lip balm because it is so dense and sticky. It really works though! I use it right after the shower before I put on makeup and by the time I’m ready to put on lipstick, my lips are no longer chapped and the lipstick looks great!

Air Repair’s rescue balm is a great multipurpose product. You can use it on any rough really dry skin on your body. I’ve used it on my heels before and it works great.

Laura Mercier’s lip balm is a more sophisticated lip balm. It has a slight color and looks and feels more like a lipstick than lip balm. But it still does its job of moisturizing your lips for the cold winter air.