All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

So after several days in sweatpants and hoodies, I had enough! It’s friday, and I need to figure out a way to make it feel like the weekend, even though all these days are blending together like a fruit smoothie. After taking a hot shower, I put on these wide leg pants (yes, they where still stretchy) and a short, almost cropped, striped shirt. then I went all out on my hair and makeup just to make me feel special.

My boyfriend and I then put on #coach lands streaming on Twitch. We shut off the lights and turned up the volume on the great stereo system that is in the house we are staying in during this pandemic. After a couple of drinks and several hours of shuffle dancing, we felt like we were at a concert.

My boyfriend also ordered this huge bluetooth speaker because he thinks large events like concerts and festivals will be postponed until fall of 2021.

This speaker is load and powerful enough to create a concert-like “main-stage”
experience. We are planning on testing it next week.

Good Afternoon

Good afternoon everyone who is quarantined. I’d like to cheer you up by reminding you that you are not alone. We are in this together, and we will make it through. Also remember that just because your stuck inside doesn’t mean you are without nature. Think about buying a plant if you are inside your apartment or starting a garden if you own a home. I decided to go out to the Hamptons because I have a backyard out here and I don’t have any outdoor space in my Brooklyn apartment. This is my view this afternoon. 

Escaping Corona

I’ve escaped NYC to head out to Long Island, where there are still lots of sick people, but this way I can be quarantined with my boyfriend and out of a hot spot in Brooklyn near lots of corona cases. My parents are staying put on the Upper West Side where the number of cases are smaller but there is already a person who tested positive in their building.

Because I have psoriasis and take an immune suppressant called Stelara, so I have to be extra careful and cannot get sick. I also have asthma and a history of bad upper respiratory infections. Corona for me would not be “just another flu,” getting sick is actually a matter of life and death for me.

It shocking to me that people are still not taking social distancing seriously. One of the reasons I left the city is because when I would go running in prospect park I saw lots of people out exercising, taking pictures, playing with their kids, or even just trying to pass the time while either working from home or not working at all. “Its no big deal”, “Its just the flu”, you say … or you’re thinking “I won’t actually get ‘sick’ sick”. This is type of thinking is what will kill me, my parents, and even maybe your parents. #stayinghomesaveslives

I’ve had to stop taking my skin medication Stelara to enhance my immune system. Before starting Stelara I had flaky, itchy plaques of psoriasis all over my body. I even had pustule psoriasis on the palms of my hands which was a negative side effect of another medication I used to take called Enbrel. Since starting Stelara over 5 years ago, I barely have skin breakouts anymore. However, now that I’ve had to stop taking my medication, my skin is seriously suffering.

I’ve purchased a narrow band UVB therapy light, and I have steroid topical creams I can use, but I can’t take my medication until this pandemic is over. If we all collectively do what we are supposed to flatten the curve, we can all go back to normal soon. Don’t think that you’re stuck at home, you’re actually safe at home. Stay healthy, and stay home!

Keeping in Touch While Social Distancing

New York City has been hit hard by the covid-19 virus and New Yorkers are held up in their apartments working from home. My friends and I have been coping by doing weekly video chats with each other. Hopefully this will help us all stay sane. We are all trying our best to reduce the curve and practice social distancing until this all blows over, but you also have to do what’s best for your mental health. I have been doing solo runs in Prospect Park and spending some time on my rooftop for some sun exposure, but I have been very careful to avoid contact with people.

Crafty things you can do inside

Make Jewelry

Like most girls, I loved making friendship bracelets at summer camp. Now I use upscale beads like moonstone, rose quartz, and cubic zirconia to make jewelry. I always buy my beads from .

Adobe Creative Cloud is free for 1 month! 

Use this as an opportunity to learn a new program or get back into photography. 


Have you been collecting concert tickets or wrist bands? Saving precious memories? Polaroids have made a comeback, I bet you have some laying around. Why not put them all in an album? Buy some washi tape and go crazy! 

Brew your own kombucha or beer

There are many companies that sell kombucha or beer making kits for inside your house. Its like having a living science experiment in your home, until you drink it haha. Here are some beer making kits from the Brooklyn Brew Shop: .

Dye Your Hair! (Not permanently)

Why not go a little crazy? I know I did! You won’t be going to work for a little while, why not mix it up a little by changing up your look. There are several color depositing conditioner on the market now, overtone being the most well known. These conditioning hair masks deposit color pigments onto your hair and the color will come out after a few washes. This also means that to achieve the best results, your hair should be on the lighter side. I’m blonde and I sometimes highlight my hair and I really like using these products. KeraColor on Amazon &

Pink Hair #dontcare

Since we are all self isolating (I hope!), I decided to dye my hair because I will be working remotely for the next few weeks.

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

Ever since the Dyson hair dryer came onto the market, I have been interested in buying a new hair dryer. I’ve had the same hair dryer for over 5 years now and I thought it was time for a new one. Black Friday seemed like the perfect time to buy one. I decided on a Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer. I have purchased other high quality Panasonic devices, including a face steamer, and I’ve been very happy with my other purchases so far.

Most of the time I use my hair dryer to just dry my hair. Normally I don’t spending a lot of time styling my hair with a dryer. I basically just use it as a hot air gun haha. But I have very fine hair, and I do anything I can to avoid damaging my hair. This dryer manages to not only dry my hair with minimal damage, but it barely makes my hair frizzy at all. It leaves my hair smoother and more shiny than if I had air dried my hair. Now thats amazing!

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