Pink Hair

Several months ago I finally landed and steady full-time 9/5 job. If ur wondering why i haven’t really been posting, thats why. I then went to a tiny music festival in steventown in upstate new york. I then got some inspiration from mutual friends at the festival to color my hair pink! The reason I’m […]

Kolor Bar

[…] I purchased a Living Social deal for Kolor Bar on 86th street after I messed up my color at another salon. I bet everyone at most Kolor Bars in Manhattan do a great job, but I loved the recent highlights that Casey gave me. I’ve gone back to her twice and I love my hair every time she touches it. Casey also gives great haircuts.

June Birchbox

I got my June Birchbox this week and was very happy with the samples that I got. I am now part of their beta program that gives you one or two full size samples in your box (for an extra $20). My favorite sample is this the Tocca Bianca perfume. I have already purchased a travel size of this perfume. It’s a great summer scent that is light and fresh with a hint of citrus. But it’s also feminine with undertones of musk and floral hints. […]