Paris Trip – Day 2

[…] After the museum, we decided to walk the Rue Saint Honré where all of the expensive shops are. Our intention was to do some window shopping, but of course we bought some stuff. I got this wonderful black leather bag that is convertible into a backpack. My mom was generous enough to buy me these stunning Alexander McQueen heels. […]

Paris Trip – Day 1 cont.

[…] I found that the basics of French food were the most delicious. Of course you would expect things like baguettes and croissants to stand out, and of course they were delicious, but I found that all the breads were amazing. Of course you can’t have some bread without some butter, and oh was the butter good! My mother was telling me that the water has a higher fat content then in America, and that’s why it’s so delicious. […]

Paris Trip – Day 1

My outrageously generous and very kind parents decided that because I had never been to Paris it would be a great graduation present. […] I like to think that because my parents are so generous, all of their friends are very generous with them. They have a friend of a friend who owns an apartment and the 7th in Paris. We stayed in his gorgeous apartment. Trust me, when I say gorgeous I’m not trying to brag, but his apartment was actually featured in a french decor magazine. […]