Bathroom Redecoration

Since I have a lot of my plate right now and have so much to do this weekend, my brain wants to do everything but work on what I’m supposed to be doing. My vice when I’m stressed out and don’t want to do my work is organizing. I ended up doing a complete overhaul of my bathroom accessories. I removed the ugly containers that were being used beforehand and cutback on the amount of cosmetics I have to keep in my bathroom. I have created a small vanity area in my bedroom by my dresser, and I have moved most of my cosmetics there. I now have a classy and sophisticated welcome to any guests that have to use my bathroom. By collecting some items that I already had around the house and repurposing them for a bathroom, I created a much cuter bathroom.

Club Clio Summer Purchase

At Club Clio, I purchased Goodal’s moisture barrier cream fresh moisturizer, 8 Goodal sheet masks. I also received a cute terry cloth headband with a bow on it and a Peripera lip stain, both free with purchase of over $50.

The moisture barrier cream fresh moisturizer from Goodal is a great lightweight summer moisturizer. No, it doesn’t have any SPF so make sure you apply some after you moisturize if you’re going out in the sun! But I don’t always want a heavy moisturizer in the summer, and SPF can make a cream very dense. I just wanted a light moisturizer that wouldn’t make my face look shiny, and this one is perfect for that.

I’ve been pretty obsessed with sheet masks lately. I’m not quite sure why because they are an expensive one time use product. I think its because they’re super easy (you just remove the mask from the package and place it on your face) and you can leave them on for as long as you want (when you are done with the mask, you just remove and discard).


Today, I was killing some time in an upscale, well stocked, Duane Reade on the Lower East Side before an appointment. I went in to purchase a good lip balm, because my lips were chapped this morning. I decided to purchase an Avene lip balm. I also purchased a dual pack of Avene thermal spring water spray that came with a free sample of sunscreen.

Spa Castle

Spa Castle is this mind-blowing amazing place on 57th street in NYC. Since I turned 27 this year on my birthday, I decided to forgo the usual clubbing party that I have, and my friends and I did a spa day for my birthday…When you walk into the lobby / cashier area from the elevators, you can already tell that you’ve walked into a beautiful wonderland that is Spa Castle. When you walk in you are greeted by black marble floors and elegant purple benches, in addition to an employee or two at the cashier desk. You pay the entrance fee up front, but then they give you this really awesome bracelet-like watch thing that not only opens your locker, but you can charge everything you do at spa castle to the watch and pay for it when you exit. That way, you don’t have to carry around anything with you during your experience at Spa Castle…[Read More!]

Sephora VIB Beauty Before Brunch Event

As a VIB Rouge member at Sephora, I got invited to a Beauty Before Brunch event at any local Sephora store. I choose to go to the nearest Sephora to my house, on 99th and Columbus, because the store is not so crowded and as always has very helpful sales people. I tried inviting my friends, but they didn’t want to get up that early on a Sunday (it was 9am-11am, before the store opened). They had orange juice, flavored water, snacks, and fruit all for special VIB members.

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