Thank you Stelara!

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you got ’till its gone.” When my Psoriasis began to appear on my body, I went into a deep depression. I thought, “Why me?” I covered my skin and hid from everyone, even my friends sometimes. I would get questions like, “What is that?” or “Are you ok?” from close friends and family members who were just worried, but it made me feel embarrassed and I just wanted to hide even more.

My skin started to clear after using Stelara for only 6 months, and I started to feel positive again. I found some skin oils and lotions that helped keep my skin moisturized and healthy. I started to play around with makeup more and learned to cover the red and flaky patches that were on my face. Finally, my skin completely cleared up and I haven’t felt hindered by Psoriasis at all since starting Stelara.

One day, I noticed that I had completely clear skin, and that I was looking at a strong, but also beautiful person. I have a nice nose that some people would get a nose job for, but I’ve never considered it a noticeable feature or special. I have beautiful straight blonde hair that I get compliments on a lot, even though I sometimes think its flat and boring. I have ample boobage that creates difficulties shopping, but that some people would love to have.

Everyone wants what we can’t have. But sometimes when something you take for granted (like clear skin) gets taken away from you, you learn to appreciate the things that God gave you. I know really appreciate simple things now, things that some people take for granted. Like being able to shave your legs without worrying about a scaly rough patch that you will cut yourself on. Or wearing a skirt or a dress in the summer without having to worry about people staring at you or asking, “Are you ok?”

Thank you Stelara, you changed my life. I feel satisfied with the body I’m in, I feel free to wear and do what I want, and I feel happy to be able to live my life without having to worry about my skin.

Video: Club Clio & MAC

On Friday, one of my best friends told me about this store called Club Clio that is a Korean makeup and cosmetics company that was recommended to her by a friend from college. She was told specifically about an eyebrow marker that acts like a temporary tattoo that can last up to a week! The sales women at the store says that you apply it at night and then comb your brows with the wand in the morning, and you’ll have perfect brows all day.