Cremant Du Jura

A close friend of mine got me a great bottle of rose over Christmas that I finally opened in celebration of finishing my finals. It was honestly the best rose I’ve ever had. It had just the right amount of sweetness, not too overpowering. I would highly recommend it for a romantic date or picnic.

Sephora Philosophy Purchase

I was out of my favorite facial moisturizer, philosophy’s take a deep breath, so I bought some online at Sephora. Philosophy also makes very simple and clean scents and I noticed online that they are making a new one, called live joyously. I have a client that’s an interior designer and whenever I wear a philosophy scent, she always asks me what I’m wearing and tells me I smell wonderful. The live joyously perfume is a very clean scent that has just the right amount of floral. It’s a very happy smell that isn’t too overpowering. […]


Lush is a really amazing place. They make all natural skin care and bathing products that smell wonderful. The store can be a little overwhelming because their products smell so strong, and the combination of all those strong scents can be a little too much for some people. I know I never went into the store myself because of the strong odor until I got a personal recommendation to try them.

Their bath bombs and bubble bars are mind blowing. Their bath bombs fizz into a bubbly lather and have immersive scents. They really create a bathing experience. Their bubble bars create thick huge bubbles and leave your skin feeling extremely soft.

Elemis Spa Home Products

The de-stress massage oil is my favorite product. I bought it after I had a massage on a cruise. It has a great soothing scent that really helps relax you.

The tranquil touch body cream has a sultry scent that relaxes you immediately. It is a luxuriously rich body cream that deeply moisturizes. It’s a great nighttime body cream.

The quiet mind temple balm is an awesome product. You apply a small amount to your temples, the back of your ears, and other hot spots to surround your self with the scent. I use it right be before bed and it helps me get to sleep.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope everyone got to spend some time with their lover, or best friend soul mate! Anyway, my boyfriend and I had a great time. Even though we’ve been going through a little bit of a rough patch, he made sure that last night was really special for me. […] After taking some pictures we headed out into 10 degree weather to go to this bar called The Auction House. It’s a quaint, smallish place on the Upper East Side that is kind of like The Back Room in that it is a 1920s styled place that has fancy couches and small intimate seating areas for romantic couples. It’s a great place for a date, and the perfect place for Valentines Day. It unfortunately was really crowded when we got there and we could only find seats at the bar. If you decide to go to The Auction House, I would recommend going there early for a seat.


I finally got my hands on my own Ringly!! I preordered in July, but it just came last week. Ringly is a fashion forward wearable technology device that gives you notifications when your phone goes off. There is an app you use to set what the ring does when certain things happen on your phone. For example, when my mother calls, it will vibrate four times and flash yellow because it is a phone call and it will flash red because it is my mother calling.

Girls Trip to Miami!

After lunch, we met up with the British boys (they were really men, married men actually) at the Hyde Beach pool party. This was my favorite part of the weekend. Tons of liquor, hot bottle girls, champagne showers, a beautiful pool, sandy areas around the pool to dance around, and lots of beautiful people to party with.
It was very sad to be leaving and we all had a really great time. I recommend Miami to anyone and I am definitely going back!