January Birchbox

Got my January Birchbox today along with another package from Birchbox with purchases. This Birchbox was lacking a little, but my last one was so on point that I could only expect there be a little variation in brands and price of products. I got a good-sized shampoo and conditioner (1.7 fl oz) that I will be taking with me to Miami because they’re a perfect travel size. I got a Harvey Prince Hello body cream (.5 fl oz). A Supergoop CC cream in fair to light that I’m really happy about because I get to use it on my Miami trip! Also, don’t forget that you should be putting sunscreen on in the winter too, not just in the summer! However, it’s a one-time use sample because it’s really tiny (3 ml). Lastly, I got Manna liplocked priming gloss stain. This is an interesting product because it’s not really a stain and it’s not really a gloss, and its actually not “glossy” at all. It uses a lip-gloss applicator, and besides the fact it’s really messy, there are no other factors that make this product a gloss. […]

Fabletics Purchase #2

I bought my second outfit from Fabletics and I really like the high quality design. I got the outfit called “wild” for $79.95, which comes with a racer back tank top tee shirt in the color of your choice (I chose black), a long sleeve wrap in black, and capri leggings in striped black and grey. They also sent a Tom’s naturally dry deodorant sample for free! The long sleeve wrap, called the “Austin wrap” is made from a comfortable fabric, has functional thumbholes, and has multiple ways to wear it. Everything fits great, is comfortable, and seems to be made from quality material. I am again pleasantly surprised by Fabletics.


Woot! I’ve officially booked my tickets to Miami and I’m so excited to have a girls weekend with all my friends!! I’ve already talked about detoxing and dieting, now I’m going to talk about self-tanner! Tanning outside can not only be harmful for your skin, but it can give you skin cancer as everyone knows. But I’m so pale that if I don’t have any base tan and I go to a place like Miami for the weekend, I always come back burnt to crisp. That’s why I like to use self-tanner to create a base tan so I don’t burn in the sun. […]

Let the “Detox” Begin!

So its after new years and I’ve planned my trip to Miami with all my girlfriends, and now its DETOX!! But what does the word “detox” really mean? Nothing. Scientists have debunked the word detox and most of the products out there that are marketed to “detox” your body can’t even point out what toxins they are removing from your body.

What I mean by detox is a healthy diet basically. Many people use the word “diet” to mean “starve,” but I like the word detox because its sounds better to most people because it’s a semi permanent state of living that ends at a certain point. But the ultimate detox is just to live a healthy lifestyle all the time, to eat lean, exercise and not drinking or smoking. But nobody’s perfect. […]

Mandee Purchase

Today I went to the 59th street Bloomingdales to pick out my luggage for a possible snowboarding trip or a trip to Miami with my girlfriends, or possibly both!! They didn’t have the luggage that I wanted so I ended up not buying anything. To feed my buying urges, I went to the H&M across the street. They had really nice stuff, so I picked out some stuff to buy. I never try things on at a lot of stores if I know my size, so I went straight to check out. There were like 50 people on line, and only 3 registers in working order. I waited around 15 minutes before only getting half way down the line and leaving. I hate it when stores don’t have enough people at checkout. Take my money goddam it!! But no, it seems as though H&M does NOT in fact want my money, or really anyone’s money at that matter because my complaining about the line didn’t faze the employees. No, they did not call another person to the registers. Yes, they were rude. They just sort of rolled their eyes and acted like “Oh, this is H&M, what do you expect?”

I walked out of the store without the $100 worth of clothes that I was going to buy. […]

New Years Eve

New Years was a great success this year! I had so much fun! First we (all 12 of us) went to a restaurant on the lower east side called Ducks Eatery. The food was beyond amazing! I got pig ears and chicken wings, and James got mussels and ribs. Those were the best chicken wings I’ve ever had in my life! That’s saying something considering I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in the city, including Red Rooster in Harlem.

I wore an old BCBG dress that I had in my closet, Walter Steiger heels that I got years ago, and a pair of new Hue tights that have a leather-like sheen to them. I used the eye shadow that my mom got me for Hanukkah, Stila’s Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eye shadow in Metallic Gilded Gold. It was pretty hard to get enough on a normal brush, so I might buy the applicator brush that Sephora recommends.

After dinner we all went back to our friend’s house in Williamsburg and watched the ball drop on TV and the fireworks from his balcony. It was such a beautiful setting, and a million times better than watching from Time Square. I had such a great time with all my friends together!